Invisalign® Treatment in Centerville

One of the best ways to make a great impression is to have a nice smile. However, not everyone is born with a perfect smile. In fact, many people have teeth that may be slightly crooked or misaligned in some way. The traditional treatment for crooked teeth for decades has been braces, which involves the use of metal brackets and wires to help create a nice, even smile. These brackets and wires are rather noticeable, however, and can be inconvenient to clean.

Invisalign® is the Invisible Alternative to Braces

P1410487Rather than the metal brackets and wires of the past, the Invisalign® system consists of a series of clear plastic aligner trays. The aligners are made of a sturdy plastic that will not break or warp while in place. The Invisalign® aligners are worn at all times except for when eating, drinking, or when cleaning the teeth. These Invisalign® aligners will not cause irritation to the lips and can be cleaned easily. Learn More
Kulkarni Orthodontics, Inc. in Centerville is proud to offer Invisalign® treatment to patients. Invisalign® is the convenient and inconspicuous way to straighten out your smile. More than 1.3 million patients have already benefited from Invisalign® treatment.

Invisalign® is Great for Adults and Teens

Invisalign® treatment is ideal for teenagers and adults who would like to get the straight, P1420492beautiful smile that they have always wanted. Since the Invisalign® aligners are clear, most people will be totally unaware that you are undergoing any sort of orthodontic treatment. This makes it perfect for teens that may feel self-conscious about getting traditional braces as well as adults who have professional lives that may be adversely affected by getting traditional braces. Invisalign® For Adults Invisalign® For Teens

Schedule a Consultation for Invisalign® at Our Centerville Office

Whether you’re an adult or a teenager, Invisalign® treatment can make a big difference in your life. For more information about how this invisible alternative to braces can benefit you, schedule an Invisalign® consultation at our Centerville orthodontics office today. Dr. Raj Kulkarni and the entire team here at Kulkarni Orthodontics, Inc. look forward to discussing your dental health goals with you.